Welcome to my website!

About Me

Not too long ago I witnessed one of the hottest things the Internet has to offer to my kinky imagination as a girl enjoyed a man's fist inside her ass. First I was shocked and distraught but I found it sexy in a weird way at the same time. I caught myself watching it over and over again and started to fantasize about how it might feel for the girl. The unswerving rejection of the act by the heroine of a popular book pushed me over the edge and I decided to train myself to be able to do it. It's such a rush for me visually that I just had to record myself on video.

Bellow are some of the most asked questions. As a member you can ask me (almost) any personal question you want. ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's up with the belt and plastic wrap?
It's my superheroine costume. I like the looks & feel; you're witnessing homemade fetishism at its finest. :)
How come you never show your face?
I could go on about how I'd like to leave some things to the imagination but the truth is that I have daddy issues.
Cool ski instructor
But you still created this website. Why?
My inner exhibitionist made me do it. :) I was always interested in what others might think of my weird kinks.
What's your college major?
International Economics. Some of the classes are so boring that I fantasize about naughty things to stay awake.

About the Site

RoadToFisting.com was created with good intentions. I try to be as clear as possible about what this website is and what it is not.

I know that it's unusual and it's not what you are used to. It's my vision though. I tried to make it something I'd subscribe to. If you find value in it, please, enjoy the ride. If it's not something for you, I thank you for your interest and ask you to carry on.

If you think you could make this website better, you can let me know; I'm open to suggestions. But please respectful. I know it's ironic, but I strictly enforce a no-assholes policy here. :)